A comparison of between the stories of the star and the necklace

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A comparison of between the stories of the star and the necklace

Infiltrating Ashagen, the land of ultimate torture Authors: Noya [at] gmail [dot] comAurelie [dot] Catena[at] gmail [dot] com Tags: All of the horrors she had experienced between the walls of the Mengele Institute became her newest memories.

Memories of the worst kind, the type that birthed the sweatiest nightmares of a lifetime. So when the young agent finally started to regain her consciousness, she was floating at the edge of sleep and awareness, and her drugged mind replayed horrible images.

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Images of terribly crippled bodies, blood, butchered humans, separated limbs and screaming mouths twirled in her head for a very long time, before she could cross the threshold of consciousness and wake up. She found herself in a very short cell, laying on her back.

The small room was surrounded by cold stone walls, and the ceiling was too close, looming around half a metre above her. The place was also so narrow that her shoulders could just fit very tightly between the two walls. The hole was as long as her body and she could feel the wet, cold stones against the top of her head and her soles touched the iron bars that closed the cell.

The hole was dark but some dim light filtered through the dense grid of iron bars so she could see her own body, but nothing else. Aurelia tried to move, expecting to be restrained.

To her surprise, and relief, she found that she was not.

A comparison of between the stories of the star and the necklace

She could not remember the last time that had happened. Still, the freedom this conferred her was mostly psychological as the cell was so narrow, that it completely frustrated any movement. The hole was dark, damp and it stank of sweat and excrements. She managed to roll onto her belly and, resting on her elbows, explored her environment with her fingers.

She found that there were a series of thumb-wide round holes pierced along the bottom edge of the back wall. No air was coming through them though; whatever their purpose, it was not aeration.

They seemed to be for draining water out of the cell. She remarked to herself that the floor was very slightly sloped towards them. Most of the stench seemed to come out of these holes.

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Sick from the foul air, Aurelia decided to try and turn herself so as to have her head close to the grating. It was more easily planned than executed though. First she rolled back on her butt and then tried to sit up. The ceiling was so low that she could not straighten entirely.Vinland, Vineland or Winland (Old Norse: Vínland) is the name for North American land explored by Norse Vikings, where Leif Erikson first landed c.

, approximately five centuries prior to the voyages of Christopher Columbus and John Cabot. Vinland was the name given to North America as far as it was explored by the Vikings, presumably .

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As the open source movement reaches the two-decade milestone, thoughts turn to the movement's achievements and future goals.

Synopsis: An expert female spy, Aurelia, is sent to infiltrate a ring of slavery and save a colleague of her who had mysteriously disappeared in a previous mission. Mexican Donkey Slut. By Shabbadew Email me: [email protected] Chapter 1.

Mama’s Punishment. It was Sunday, after church and Maria sat on the toilet, peeing, brushing her hair, and looking at herself in a worn, hand-held mirror. Reader's Comments ()Author's Note: I've included the kinks at the start of each chapter so if you don't like it, don't read it.

You should however be able to skip to any chapter you want without the need to follow the entire plot. If you happen to be an artist and want to contribute any illustrations based on my stories.

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