A review of ballad of birmingham by dudley randall

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A review of ballad of birmingham by dudley randall

The Theatre was designed by the architect W. Sprague who would also be manager of the Theatre until The exterior, in stone, was in the Italian Renaissance style, crowned with a copper dome. Above the dome was a colonnade and cupola from which a powerful revolving search-light sent flashes of coloured light around the High Road.

The Theatre's auditorium was built on three levels, stalls and pit, dress circle, balcony and gallery, and was decorated in the French Renaissance style, with capacity on opening of 2, A novel feature fitted into the Royal Duchess's auditorium was a tubular pneumatic organ, the first to be installed in a British Theatre.

Shortly before the Theatre's opening the ERA printed a review of the building in their 29th of July edition saying: The theatre is owned by a company under the title of " Duchess Theatre, Limited," of which the directors are Mr W.

Spraguethe well-known architectand Messrs W. Dudley Bennett, the proprietors of the Shakespeare Theatre, Clapham-junctionwho will also be the managers. The theatre will be booked by Mr H. Dudley Bennett, in conjunction with the Shakespeare and many others in which Messrs Bennett are interested A correction was made in the following issue of the ERA stating: The latter theatre is the sole property of Charles E.

Machin and Messrs Bennett. The building has been planned on the most unique lines, and will be as perfect and complete as skill and outlay can make it. The main frontage is 70ft. The upper collonade is about ft, above the pavement level, and from this point a powerful revolving search-light will send forth flashes of coloured light.

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Left - The Duchess Theatre during the production of 'Worst Woman in London' - From a period postcard - Courtesy Jennie Walton Entry is made to the better parts of the house through a handsome lobby, and thence into the grand crush-room, an apartment 30ft.

Fine saloons and retiring-rooms are provided throughout for each section of the audience. The auditorium will be the feature of the building, and has been arranged on the most perfect and novel lines.

The main walls form part of a circle, which circle is completed at the level of the main ceiling, whilst the different balcony fronts and boxes are schemed within the same radius as the main walls, thus creating a handsome and unique effect to the interior of the house.

On the main ceiling is beautifully painted a representation of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, and from the balcony fronts are modelled Cupids holding candelabras. From the main ceiling above are appended magnificent copper mediaeval vases, supported by chains of the same metal with dragons' heads showing electric lights around each vase.

Around the "sun-light " a fine effect is again created by a number of copper electric radiating rings, each ring being supported by chains, and giving a final effect of complete beauty and richness to the auditorium. The decorations and furnishings throughout the building are of the most sumptuous description and of French Renaissance design.

The draperies and upholstery throughout are being carried out in a selected tint of copper colour. The tableau curtain and other draperies, which are being executed in Vienna, are richly embroidered in accordance with the selected tone of colour. Lady patrons will have the benefit of a specially designed apartment, wherein they can partake of refreshments without visiting the saloons.


The theatre has been planned on the two-tier system, and, whilst having all its advantages with regard to easy rake of the circles, it will present the appearance of a three-tier house. The building is lighted throughout by electricity, a complete gas installation being provided in case of any temporary failure of the former.

The theatre is heated throughout by low pressure hot water pipes and radiators; whilst numerous hydrants and other fire appliances are provided in accordance with the London County Council's regulations.

A review of ballad of birmingham by dudley randall

The stage is entirely cut off from the auditorium, and is provided with a double asbestos and steel-framed fireproof curtain. The theatre throughout has been constructed of concrete and steel, and is thoroughly fireproof. Every possible consideration has been given to the artistes, for whom are provided numerous well-ventilated dressing-rooms, with hot and cold lavatory accommodation and heating apparatus.

In addition to the usual attractions of a theatre, Mr Sprague has provided in the auditorium, for the first time in this country, a grand organ.

A review of ballad of birmingham by dudley randall

Our 'cute American cousins have already recognised the importance of the aid which the "king of instruments" is capable of rendering, and in the new Theatre at Balham will be found a splendid instrument which should prove of inestimable value in augmenting the orchestra.

The organ, which is being carried out on the tubular pneumatic system, will be concealed and entirely hidden within certain portions of the decorations, and so arranged with regard to the acoustics of the building that the most perfect modulations and intensity of tone can be produced.

In order to give some idea of the wonderful effect which can be produced on this organ, it may be stated that it will be equal to a band of performers. The directors anticipate that there will be considerable public appreciation of this novel feature, and whilst many purposes will be served from the introduction of this new effect, it should prove a considerable boon to patrons of the early doors, who will have the benefit of a delightful musical recital to enliven the oft-times dreary wait pending the selection by the orchestra and the rising of the curtain.

Left - The Royal Duchess Theatre, Balham when it was known as the Duchess Palace - From a Period Postcard At the end of August the commemoration or completion stone of the building will be laid by Mr Charles Wyndham, who has very kindly promised to officiate at the interesting ceremony, and to launch the Duchess Theatre on what we trust will be its prosperous and successful career.

The completion stone for the Theatre was eventually laid by Charles Wyndham on the 16th of September and the next day the ERA reported on the occasion saying:Dudley Randall's narrative poem about the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, in , is written in stanzas that form a dialogue between the mother and daughter.

Ballad of Birmingham Summary

In the poem, “Ballad of Birmingham”, Dudley Randall depicts the real historical events of the bombing of Martin Luther King Jr.’s church by white hate criminals in Birmingham, Alabama. Although this is the background and basis to the poem, I believe there is a deeper meaning that just that.

Dudley Randall’s poem "Ballad of Birmingham" centers on the real-life bombing of an African-American church. It begins with a mother-daughter discussion of . ACCREDITED SERVICES. As of January 22, there are accredited services. Below are all of our Accredited Programs the country and our international programs, as well.

Railway Magazine. This is a very long term project, although simpler than some of the other sub-projects as the Railway Magazine is widely available, unlike The Journal of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers which is absurdly rare, or even British Railway rutadeltambor.comn items will not be indexed in depth, notably locomotive practice and performance, and short paragraphs, unless "they.

The high school students in Creative Writing thought the Ballad of Birmingham was beautiful! This poem is by Dudley Randall, I met Dudley Randall many years ago. My mother is a librarian like Dudley Randall.

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