Bahtsold business plan

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Bahtsold business plan

Secondly and this is a serious warningif your financial possibilities, i. So if you want to run your own business in Thailand, and live of the income your business produces, you may also have to adjust your lifestyle.

The few lucky guys who have literally made a fortune, have likely not made it in Pattaya but had most of it already before moving to Thailand.

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This means that you will officially need Thai partners in your business, at least on paper. Be aware of low-income job offers, e. If you want to set up your own company, you will likely need the assistance of an established law firm which helps you with the legal procedure, company registration, work permit application etc.

Also please note that foreigners are usually only allowed to work in sectors where Thai people are not sufficiently qualified yet, and that there are certain businesses which aliens are categorically not permitted to operate by Thai law such as agricultural businesses.

bahtsold business plan

Many foreigners who plan only a smaller investment in Pattaya, e. Bahtsold business plan one hand, you certainly save on the running costs that come with a registered company, e.

While a professionally run bar restaurant, guesthouse, whatever in the right location and purchased at the right price might well provide you with a sufficient income to survive and make bahtsold business plan living in Pattayayou will probably not make a fortune.

If you have a friend in Pattaya or someone you really trust who already runs a bar or similar business, his advise might also be useful. And finally, do exercise extreme caution when the selling price is suspiciously low; the venue might have never made any money if it was a goldmine why should the owner want to sell it at a bargain price?

Do not listen to fairy tales of previous owners, even the more so if they are fellow countrymen of yours. If you buy a bar business but only rent the building, always make sure that your name or that of your Thai partner is in the lease contract and that the lease contract is signed by no other than the legal owner of the property.

If you buy a business including the property, it is certainly highly recommended that you consult a lawyer. Do not pay or transfer any money before ownership of the property has been legally transferred at the land office. - bahtsold - Thailand Classifieds | 17 Dec | Pg 1 | BahtSold.c

If you pay a deposit but later cannot dig up the rest of the buying price, your deposit would also most likely be gone. Especially when relying on Thai business partners, your Thai girlfriend or wife, due diligence should be your top priority.

If you still wish to open a bar in Pattayayou should expect to spend at leastThai Baht for a single-unit shophouse bar in a mediocre location, i.

To develop a small guesthouse in a rented shophouse building, perhaps with a restaurant or bar on the ground floor, you should expect to spend at least one million Baht. If you want to buy a single-unit shophouse building, expect to pay at least million Baht in a halfway decent location.

As everywhere in business, the sky is the limit. For the same reason though, it must be conceded that selling property has certainly become a bit harder than just a few years ago, so investors who seek to make a quick profit have been warned.

Rental and sales prices for condominiums, residential houses and commercial buildings have continuously risen in recent years prices for less desirable objects may have stagnated but have definitely not fallen.

If you wish to buy property in Pattaya, just please note that there are certain legal restrictions to foreign ownership of property in Thailand, e. In general, foreigners can buy condominiums in their own name.

Unless you are highly skilled or qualified in a sector, in which Thai people are not competitive yet, your chances of finding an employment with a local company are relatively low.

bahtsold business plan

Due to the lower costs of employing Thai workers, sweeping restrictions on what foreigners are legally permitted to work in Thailand etc. There might be some chances in the hospitality sector e. The cost of living in Pattaya is certainly still relatively low, so if you manage to slightly adjust your lifestyle i.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

A business plan, as defined by Entrepreneur, is a “written document describing the nature of the business, the sales and marketing strategy, and the financial background, and containing a. To start with, running a business in Pattaya, or Thailand in general, is probably very different from what you were used to in your home country.

Many foreigners who plan only a smaller investment in Pattaya, e.g., – Thailand Classified Ads – Business .

Bahtsold Travel & Invest Koh Samui has acquired a reputation as a beach destination, however, the island’s rich natural attractions also fascinate many nature lovers. Koh Samui’s waterfalls are renowned for their picturesque settings and natural rock formations surrounding them. internet site's meta description code's length is character. Because search engines see meta description code as web site's explanation part on search result pages, We advise you should put in sentence or sentences about your site's content. My friend Daniel, in Bangkok, runs Baht & Sold which is a superb business Here are some comments from his website’s About Us page was designed with a single purpose To provide an effective resource for Individuals and Businesses from every region of Thailand, who want to connect with a Nationwide market and beyond.

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