Culvers swot

Check out part seven, where we examine In-N-Out.

Culvers swot

This brief summarizes testimony from all previous litigation in the case, and clearly demonstrates that essential provisions of the law were bypassed while compelling scientific evidence was ignored.

This brief does NOT call Culvers swot an end to sulfide mining efforts in Michigan. As oil is to the waters of the gulf of Mexico, sulfuric acid and heavy metals like nickel, copper and arsenic could be to Lake Superior if, as predicted, the proposed mine or treatment systems fail. Kennecott did not do this study.

If so, that neat bit of finagling must be saving Kennecott millions Culvers swot billions in potential liability and cleanup costs. Unfortunately, Kennecott, too, has been warned, and advised by experts whom its agents chose to ignore, to change the design of this mine.

We note that shale tends to slide sideways. Jack Parker, a recognized mining engineer and industry consultant, has also testified that the mine is likely to collapse, and that if the crown pillar collapses entirely, the Salmon Trout River would be sucked all the way down into the cavity itself.

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In another report, Mr. Parker also maintains that because of factors inherent in the faulty design, no workers could escape from the mine alive in the event of collapse or mine fire. Parker expects that collapse would also likely result in fire.

We can see only one reason for insisting on a plan that mining experts consider to be highly dangerous.


As Kennecott has done no environmental studies, the plaintiffs called reputable scientists to testify in previous hearings. We have deleted specificreferences for readability, but they may be found on our website: John Ejnik testified that the entire Salmon Trout River will be polluted from the mine at levels that will destroy aquatic life.


David Flaspohler detailed respects in which operations on the immediate physical facility will produce impacts far beyond the property lines or the facility boundary lines: Truck traffic will have an effect on wildlife along the roads.

Road dust generated by heavy traffic on an unpaved road will settle into snow, and affect area wildlife after snow melt. The deposition of heavy metals will be spread over tens of kilometers and enter both land and water.

Culvers swot

Water running off the roads and off the facility itself will introduce heavy metals and sulfuric acid into surrounding habitats. Kerry Woods testified that the wildlife of the Huron Mountain Club, including its birds and large mammals, would all be disrupted by the development of the Eagle mine.

Based on published literature showing serious contamination of rivers as much as 40 miles downstream from polluting mine sites, Dr. Expert ornithologist Alec Lindsay testified that the proposed mine would almost certainly adversely affect bird populations in both the Yellow Dog Plains and the Huron Mountain Club.

Culvers swot

He believes that the entire region must be studied, rather than stopping at boundary lines, in order to understand the potential effect of human disturbance.

In particular, fish populations and communities must be viewed in the context of the entire watershed. Sulfuric acid, the ultimate by-product of acid mine drainage, simply sterilizes streams. We encourage readers to remember:The first phase was completed during the summer of , and utilized a SWOT analysis, which stands for an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats related to new mining in parts of Marquette and Baraga counties.

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