David livingston first to cross

A few tracts, and only a few, were entered by speculators. John Wolfskill was the pioneer physician in this township in the early days, his range of practice extending along the entire southern part of the county. Reuben Aldridge, a Methodist, was the first preacher.

David livingston first to cross

David Livingston was born in Blantyre, Scotland on 19 March He David livingston first to cross raised in poverty. His parents were both devout believers and his father was a strict tee-totaler.

David livingston first to cross

David was an avid reader and had a thirst for knowledge. Once he was saved, he gave himself over to God and to missions completely. He felt called to China and began to study medicine to that end. Before he could depart the opium trade closed the doors to China. It was at this time that he discovered the stories of Robert Moffit, a missionary of 23 years in South Africa.

Livingston received his medical diploma in November of and prepared for his journey to Africa. Upon his arrival in Algoa Bay, he immediately proceeded to Kuruman, a point approximately miles north of Cape Town, arriving there in July of It was here that Livingston spent time learning the language and customs of the people he was to spend a lifetime working with in his ministry.

In June of that year Livingston received permission to go to the Valley of Mabotsa and establish a work there. The biggest challenge to working in the area was that it was infested with lions.

In the efforts to clear the area of lions, Livingston received a serious wound to the left shoulder.

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The work here was short lived due to a severe lack of water. Livingston made the decision to move his work to Kolobeng and the entire tribe decided to go with him.

Livingston built a new house here and it would be his home for five years.

Essay title: David Livingston - First to Cross Africa with the Gospel David Livingstone was born at Blantyre, south of Glasgow on 19 March At 10 he began working in the local cotton mill, with school lessons in the evenings.
Livingston Dundee United - BBC Sport David Livingstone, born March 19,BlantyreLanarkshire, Scotland—died May 1,Chitambo [now in Zambia]Scottish missionary and explorer who exercised a formative influence on Western attitudes toward Africa. Early life Livingstone grew up in a distinctively Scottish family environment of personal piety, poverty, hard work, zeal for education, and a sense of mission.
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It was here that Livingston saw the first fruits of his labor. Sechele, the Chief of the Bakwains, accepted Christ. Livingston then had the task of educating him in Christians ways, dealing with issues such as telling him that he could not as chief command his people to accept Christ.

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Sechele was baptized in It would be an insult to send them away and Sechele struggled with this. It was finally just prior to his baptism, that Sechele sent all but one wife back to their familes with letters of apology that he could no longer keep them as it was only proper to have one wife.

Many of the tribes people started believing that Livingston had an unnatural hold over their Chief and were saying things that Sechele said he would have had them killed for before he was saved.

David livingston first to cross

In Sechele was still living with his one remaining wife and still professing a Christian life. Fifty added to the church sounds fine at home, but if only five of these are genuine what will be the profit in the Great Day?

I have felt more than ever lately that the great object of our exertions ought to be conversion. Many in the tribe, who believed that the Chief had the power of rain-making, blamed Livingston for the drought. They believed his hold over the Chief prevented him from bringing rain.David Livingstone was born at Blantyre, south of Glasgow on 19 March At 10 he began working in the local cotton mill, with school lessons in the evenings.

In , he began studying medicine.

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David Livingstone followed the Zambezi River to its mouth in the Indian Ocean, after initially crossing to the west coast, on the way becoming the first European to see Victoria Falls (see main section) and the first to cross the width of the African continent.

He was a student at the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School in –40, with his courses covering medical practice, first as a piecer and later as a spinner. The following species have been named in honour of David Livingstone: Livingston's cichlid, Nimbochromis livingstonii; Livingstone's eland.

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(A) David Livingstone was the first European to cross the African continent.

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He was a Scottish missionary and doctor who completed the journey between and /5(15). During his travels as a missionary, David Livingstone beheld many previously unknown wonders of the African interior.

He put Victoria Falls and Lake Ngami on the map, and was the first white man to cross the African continent.

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