Mount apo the famous national park

History The Patolon Forest Reserve was originally established on 21 July and was enlarged in The Taungdwin Reserved Forest was established effective 1 December InTaungdwin was made into a wildlife sanctuary by the British colonial governmentand it was upgraded to a national park in by the Burmese government.

Mount apo the famous national park

Mount apo the famous national park

Quezon, followed by Proclamation No. It has one of the highest land-based biological diversity in terms of flora and fauna per unit area. It has three distinct forest formations, from lowland tropical rainforestto mid-mountain forests, and finally to high mountain forests.

In Marchit was taken out from the UNESCO List of Tentative Sites due to the dramatic changes such as logging, intrusion of companies and urban and agricultural landscape, exploitation, and poaching, among others it experienced which does not constitute the UNESCO documents that describes the park.

Apo generally enjoys tropical rainy climate. Mean monthly temperature ranges from a low Popular of these are Lake Agco, used to be called "The Blue Lake" and Lake Venado, a well-known mountaineers camping site and a stopover towards the peak.

Lake Macadac and Lake Jordan are found in the summit grassland. Apo has 19 major rivers and 21 creeks draining its 8 major watersheds PASAlist. According to the report, there are two river ecosystems draining the geothermal site namely: The aquatic organisms in the area have expectedly lower biological productivity and species diversity.

The report also concluded that this river ecosystem provides much less economic and commercial value for its biological production. The study identified 12 species of fish caught in the area; 2 Kabacan River - Pulangi River ecosystem- characterized by a much wider channels at flat areas, relatively much slower water flow, highly turbid waters and sandy mud river beds.

At metres, it is the tallest waterfall in Mt. This waterfall flows into the Sibulan River, which flows to the Davao Gulf.

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Biological features[ edit ] Grasslands — The grasslands are characterized by the dominance of Cogon grass Imperata cylindrica and Saccharum spontaneum.

Other grasses and ferns also thrive, especially along banks of creeks, streams, and rivers and on steep slopes. Geothermal energy[ edit ] The Mt. Apo 1 and Mt. Apo 2 geothermal plants, each possess a rated capacity of Apo 1 and June Mt.

Apo 2 respectively, under a build-operate owner contract arrangement. Cruz, Davao del Suris composed of two run-of-river type plants that will contribute to the energy needs of Mindanao by early The Sibulan Hydroelectric Power Plants have been generating The first of two cascading plants, Sibulan A Hydro produces Sibulan A was completed and commissioned on December 26, They consider the mountain to be sacred ground and a place of worship.

For the Lumads, the term "Apo" was coined from the name of their great grandparent Apo Sandawawa. Several trails lead to the summit, coming from North Cotabato and Davao provinces.

Arguably the easiest route to the National Park is through Kidapawan with an average hike taking 3—4 days roundtrip. In the classification system used by local popular mountaineering website PinoyMountaineer.

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Various sights along the trail include Lake Venadothe highest lake in the Philippines, the solfataras and the old crater near its summit. · Mount Pulag (Filipino: Bundok Pulag) [3] is Luzon’s highest peak at 2, metres (9, ft) above sea level.[1] The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain's peak.

It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, next to Mount Apo and Mount Dulang-dulang.[4] Mount Pulag is famous for its  · Mount Apo is located in Mount Apo National Park (about 77, hectares), where dense tropical evergreen dipterocarpous forests are preserved.

Mount apo the famous national park

Here dwell rare native and relict species of the Philippines, such as the monkey-eating or harpy eagle and the Echinosorex The strategic location of Kidapawan City being at the foot of Mt.

Apo – the country’s highest peak- offers vast tourism potentials and attractions for both local and foreign tourists who wish to embrace nature at its best. Scenic scenes of apo-tallest-moun-tain-in-th-philippine. Mount Apo – Highest Point of Philippines Beautiful Mount Apo Sunset View Mount Apo – A large volcanic mountain which is situated in 32 km west of Davao city, Mindanao, Philippines.

It is the Tallest Mountain in the  · The four other AHPs in the country are the Mount Apo Natural Park, Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park, and Mount Malindang Range Natural Park, all in Mindanao, and the Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park in Occidental Mindoro province in the Mount Pulag National Park.

likes. Mount Pulag is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, next to Mount Apo and Mount Dulang-dulang. Mount Pulag is famous for its majestic "sea of clouds" and the view of the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn, which has attracted many tourists who wish to

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