Myanmar thingyan festival

Tibetan New Year also called Losar is celebrated in late January or early February at the time of the new moon. Vietnamese New Year or Tet is celebrated between January 17th and February 19th at the time of the new moon. The Hindu New Year also known as Bikrami Samvat falls on the day following the new moon on or after the spring equinox.

Myanmar thingyan festival

The Burmese make a big deal of the New Year. Thingyan, known as the "water throwing festival," is celebrated in April. This year it takes place April Everything shuts down over the four-day New Year -- banks, restaurants, shops.

The biggest celebrations are in Yangon and Mandalay. During the New Year water-throwing frenzy everyone throws and sprays water at each other. In recent years of privation, hard-core Burmese punks used leather glue to spike up their hair at New Year.

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The superstrong glue meant their mohawks stayed standing through the Water Festival, but when the party was over they had to shave their hair. These days, Burmese punks use hairspray.

Is now a good time to go? Myanmar has fantastic beaches Myanmar has 1, miles 2, kilometers of coastline and some of the finest stretches of beach in Asia.

Myanmar thingyan festival

Many beaches along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea remain undiscovered by tourists and unspoiled by development. Many of them face west, so they produce great sunsets. The best known is Ngapali Beach, a minute flight from Yangon, where almost two miles of white sand are lined with palm trees overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Also called Silver Beach, its eight-mile 13 kilometers stretch makes it one of the longest beaches in Asia. Under the former government, websites such as YouTube and Gmail were blocked, but restrictions have largely been lifted and last month Google chairman Eric Schmidt visited the country.

Far more popular than the Internet are mobile phones, though here, too, prices are high compared with other Asian countries.

April 13–April 16

Old bills are often rejected by money changers. The higher the denomination, the better the exchange rate. Your greenbacks should be squeaky clean -- that means no creases, stains, marks or tears. But this is changing. By the end of the year, credit cards should be more widely accepted.

The local currency is the kyat pronounced "chat" and U. The new 10,kyat note less than U. Crime against foreigners is rare and the Burmese -- the vast majority of whom are Buddhist -- are generally honest.

Myanmar records 1 million tourists, surge in tourism income 5.

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This narrow, pedestrian-only street is where the Burmese come to drink. Restaurants line either side of the street and chairs and tables are set out in front.

Most Burmese women -- married and single -- stay home in the evening. Since the country opened up, business travelers and tourists have been packing flights to Myanmar. There are a lot more visitors -- more than a million last year -- but roughly the same number of hotels.

More hotels are on the way, but they take time to build and the hotel shortage is expected to continue five to 10 years.Don't miss out on these 11 top things to do when you're in Yangon, Myanmar. It's a city that's full of excitement and interesting attractions. New Years in the Month of January.

January 1 - New Year's Day - The world's most widely celebrated holiday. Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and many other countries celebrate their New Year on this date. 78 shares Maha Thingyan is one of the largest and most widely celebrated holidays in Myanmar. Commonly referred to as the Water Festival, Maha Thingyan allows people to celebrate the Burmese New Year.

Despite this, Maha Thingyan is observed in mid-April on the Gregorian calendar. While the Water Festival is a Buddhist event, the Burmese [ ]. Rice Balls (Mote Lone Yay Paw) Mote Lone Yay Paw is a traditional sweet rice balls.

The name says food that float on water, in Myanmar language. It is usually stuffed with palm sugar. The food. Summary. Exercise a high degree of caution in Myanmar overall due to the uncertain security situation and possibility of further civil unrest.

Pay close attention to your personal security at all times. Monitor the media and other . Thingyan Eve. The eve of Thingyan, the first day of the festival is called a-kyo nei (in Myanmar, အၾကိဳေန႔), and is the start of a variety of religious rutadeltambor.comsts are expected to observe the Eight Precepts, more than the basic Five Precepts, including having only one meal before rutadeltambor.coman is a time when uposatha observance days, similar to the Christian sabbath.

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