Newspaper vs tv

TV Advertising Newspaper Advertising vs. TV Advertising Television advertising is a prominent source to reach the masses for an advertiser.

Newspaper vs tv

In other words, for each news site, we identified the individual with the most central scan path based on the lowest LD relative to other scan paths for that site. The designs and associated elements i. A number of traces toward the far-right side of the screen represent participants locating the scrollbar.

Overall, the figures show high trace density on text links within the document body suggesting that visual attention was captured by reading or skimming textual information.

For the most part, traces conform to text areas and bypass salient elements such as the dominant photograph, headers, and advertisements, which get attention but not to the same extent as text. It is also noteworthy that based on these figures, traces appear more dense on TV homepages than on newspaper homepages.

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For example, in Figure 2 CNNvisual attention is concentrated on the link list to the right of the main photograph. The traces on The New York Times as well as the other newspaper sites are more spread out and less concentrated.

Distributed throughout the body of the document are headlines that serve as the primary navigation links to the full story. Below the headline is a summary of the story and possibly a byline.

On the other hand, the TV homepages present a list of text links that are, for the most part, concentrated in one area. These approaches to homepage layout influenced eye movement, with the text link lists seemingly the primary area of importance.

Eye path trace of most central fixation sequence for CNN Figure 3. Eye path trace of most central fixation sequence for Fox News Figure 4.

Newspaper vs tv

Eye path trace of most central fixation sequence for NYT Figure 6. Eye path trace of most central fixation sequence for Post Gazette Figure 7. Eye path trace of most central fixation sequence for USA Today Discussion It is important to point out that the findings presented here are not conclusive due to the limitations and scope of this study, which looked at specific news Websites with a unique participant group.

In addition, the findings are based on participants performing a free-form browsing task i. Findings may vary with different types of visual searches.

Newspaper vs tv

Additional research is required to examine ocular behaviors across larger groups with a greater variety of news Websites and tasks, and for longer time durations.

We sought to answer three main questions: Visual Attention Allocation Measures and Site Type We anticipated that the measures of visual attention would differ by type of site, but this expectation was not supported by the data. Previous research Pan et al. While our results show slight differences between site types, they were not significant.

Conversely, TV-oriented sites exhibited a tendency toward information and task complexity as measured by fixation duration and saccade rate.Nov 29,  · Does the news team at the Newspaper companies have more resources to compete against the TV news team.

With more newspaper reporters on the beat allows the p. Dave's World is based on Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry's syndicated columns. Dave is a child of the '60s trying to survive in the '90s, confronting the absurdities of life - as. May 26,  · A newspaper, distributed in the wee hours of the morning contains the latest or developing stories from the previous day, whereas an evening newscast typically contains the very latest from that particular day.

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Better understanding of how people allocate visual attention on newspaper and TV-oriented sites is an important area of inquiry for several reasons.

First, print and television media and associated reporting approaches pervade traditional media outlets and the Web.

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