Ragging is should be ban or not

Yes they HV right to smoke publicly but they should not HV any right to harm people. For that it should be banned So plz it's my humble request to you all that u should avoid smoke

Ragging is should be ban or not

Spamming Creating meaningless messages or posts outside the spam section. This also counts for the Chatbox. You can use autotyper, however be considerate of the players around.

Small Pk banter is acceptable, to a degree. This includes Race, Sexuality, Gender, etc. There are areas for this and the forum should be welcoming for everyone. No one should feel intimidated to post or be a part of our community. Staff Disrespect Disrespecting a member of our staff team will not be tolerated, they're here to help you.

Advertising that there's a "Drop party" in the wilderness in public, yell, clan chat etc is an offense. If a staff member has punished you, it was for a reason.

If your appeal is declined, try again in two weeks. If you feel a punishment placed upon you by a staff is unfair, private message another staff member and they'll help you out.

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Any ban evading or posting elsewhere will result in a void of your appeal and further punishment. Ramifications are in place for a reason. Ragging We define ragging as repeated or consistent harassment towards another player in a PvP environment.

This rule applies to the following areas: With regards to rushing, there's a fine line between rushing and harassment ragging.

Public smoking should not be banned

Please note that staff decisions are final, and staff will say whether the situation is classed as ragging or not.

Every situation is different and will be treated very seriously by staff. Fake drop party's and fake giveaways Fake drop party's or fake giveaways of any kind no matter how harmless will result in jail time initially.

Repeating the offence will result in a ban as per the servers standard ruling. If you want these rules properly enforced, make sure you're in the official risk fight arena with your opponent.

Spoiler Pjing a person's risk fight is an offense. This includes Pjing just Before, During and After a risk fight.

Ragging is should be ban or not

This mainly applies to the risk fight arena, but exceptions may occur if a risk fighter lost items to a pjer and provides their ownproper video evidence.

Standing under a risk fight Intentionally standing under somebodies risk fight is an offense.It's an outdated tradition that does not need to be continued. That's the crux of the issue. The art and tradition of bullfighting is negated by bullfighting's inherent cruelty.

Between the animal cruelty and dwindling interest, critics say it's time for bullfighting to be banned.

Ragging is should be ban or not

Taxes should be continued by annual or biennial reenactments; because a constant hold by the nation of the strings of the public purse is a salutary restraint from which an honest government ought not to wish nor a corrupt one to be permitted to be f.

The accurate meaning of the word ‘ragging’ is to ‘tease’, but even the dictionary says it is an archaic meaning. The main objective of ragging is to ‘break the ice’ between the senior students and the new entrants.

By means of an interaction, they get close and know each . Welcome to Deshbandhu College for Girls for your future studies. We do not boast of a star-studded gallery of extraordinary students.

Rather we open the doors of higher studies for our students with empathy, personal attention and dedicated teaching. The Canadiens should think about replacing those “No Excuses” signs in the locker room and put up a new one: “Wait Till Next Near.” Not only did the Canadiens lose to the worst team in the NHL Monday night, but the Columbus Blue Jackets were playing without their coach, John Tortorella.

Should cigarette smoking be banned in public places or should it be banned even in privately owned areas? Or should people be allowed to smoke wherever and whenever they please?

Let's have a look at some points that advocate smoking bans.

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