Room on a broom writing activities

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Room on a broom writing activities

Room on the Broom and Witches!

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But I wanted to share a little bit of how we incorporated our Room on the Broom book into our reading skills this week: My friend who used to teach with me in 3rd turned me onto this book One of the skills we needed to work on this week was possessive nouns We talked about the different nouns that were in the book They could pick whatever nouns they wanted.

They drew the picture on the front of the flap, then when they lifted the flap They wrote their possessive noun sentence. Half my class could do this independently, and the other half - specifically my ESOL kids because in Spanish and Chinese Their structure is "The candy of the girl Man, I tell ya, getting some of those kids to actually find the clues in the book to write down can be challenging!

I will gladly take any ideas on how to get them to say something other than "because it was in the pictures," or "because my teacher told me," or "because I know.

Literature Plan for Room on the Broom

And I even told them to go put their finger on it in the book and THAT is what they write down as their clue Click HERE to get the printout for this activity. This next activity was inspired by Amy Lemons They turned out SOOO cute!!!

Click HERE to get a copy of the witch page. I just love him! THEN they got their paper to do their witch legs!!!! The only thing we did cut to size was the legs One of my boys I love his personality!!Fun children's learning activities, including printable templates, for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids.

Making Learning Fun | Room on the Broom Literacy Activities .

Product Description. Flip-lock dust pan & lobby broom. 30" contoured powder coated steel handle. cubic inch dust pan with lip. Lobby broom with % split tip poly fiber, 30? steel handle with comfort grip & hang-up feature. Jun 17,  · Our topic in the summer term will be around Room on the Broom - just wondering what ideas people had for adult-directed and child-initiated activities, especially using outdoor space. Thought about collecting sticks and making a broom, maybe comparing lengths of brooms using animals to measure e.g. Literacy Activities for Room on the Broom Emergent Reader for Room on the Broom Emergent Reader for Room on the Broom-Math Reader Word Search Puzzle for Room on the Broom.

Room on the Broom Preschool Math October 23, October 22, and Equals Symbols – ours were created by writing symbols on rocks with a sharpie. Stick, pencil or something else to use as a broom. Copy of Room on the Broom; Math Activities.

room on a broom writing activities

Room on the Broom Witches Potions Measuring Volume from Rainy Day Mum;. The Spiffiest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson: In this book from the creators of Room on the Broom, according to the description on Amazon, readers are reminded "that sometimes it's what's inside a person-or a giant-that matters most."This story will show students that showing random acts of kindness can change someone's perception and outlook.

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Broom breaks -lost passengers, the witch flies into a Cloud, and meets a dragon Literature -1st grade -Plot, Genre, Fantasy, Quality Literature Room on the Broom . Room on the Broom The resource covers numerous elements of the National Curriculum for KS1 Reading and Writing skills and is colourful, engaging and interactive.

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room on a broom writing activities
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