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Runyon eng125 w1 a1

This document is hereby incorporated by reference. This standard describes the base rate and format along with a multiplexing scheme which defines a modular family of rates and formats available for use in optical interfaces. This standard defines what is called a syychronous transport signal STS operating at level one which is the basic logical building block signal that defines all other STS levels greater than one.

Within the STS basic signal, is a byte interleave multiplexing scheme with the basic signal divided into a transport overhead section and a portion which contains a payload, which typically contains lower speed telephonic communication channels and their associated path overhead.

Although the synchronous optical network standard has been defined, devices which interface with it in an overall transmission system have, to date, not been implemented.

Each device is able to interface with a high speed signal conforming to the SONET standard and is particularly suited for interfacing such high speed signals to typically lower speed signals of either a different standard, such as the digital signal standards DS-0, DS-1, DS-2, DS-3, etc.

Each device performs an interfacing function with regard to high speed data channels conforming to the synchronous optical network standard SONET.

More particularly, the FTS is directed to a device for interfacing high speed signals conforming to the digital signal-3 standard DS-3 operating at The FTS contains redundant modules for interfacing with either path A or path B used in telephony to convey high speed channel information.

The terminal multiplexer according to the present invention contains redundant high speed ports for interfacing to a SONET STS-1 signal either electrically via the STSX-1 standard or fiber optically via the OC-1 standardas well as low speed ports for communicating with DS-1 channels typically operating at 1.

The low speed ports communicable with DS-1 signals are connected to the high speed redundant ports via time slot multiplexers TSM's. The time slot multiplexers provide a communication path for provisioning an alarm from the high speed interface to the low speed interface via a network controller.

Furthermore the terminal multiplexer provides the required DS-1 grooming when it is equipped with time slot multiplexers and has the capability to route any of 28 DS-1's located within a SONET payload to any one of the 28 DS-1 low speed ports.

The combined devices can therefore be interconnected to the fiber optic media or coaxial media for electrical interfaces conforming to the SONET standard so as to provide the mechanism for an overall transmission system using the SONET standard. Another object of the present invention is to provide a synchronous optical transmission system wherein the fiber transmission system forming part of the overall transmission system is able to interface SONET channels operating at different data rates.

A further object to the present invention is to provide a fiber transmission system capable of interfacing a SONET high speed channel to a DS-3 type high speed channel.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a terminal multiplexer for interfacing a SONET high speed channel to a plurality of lower speed channels.

Other objects of the present invention will in part be obvious and will in part appear hereinafter. ANSI as set forth in their standard No. This standard is hereby incorporated by reference.

Thus an STS-N optical carrier level is simply the level 1 rate multiplied by N, where N is an integer equal to or greater than one.

Keenan v. Allan, F. Supp. –

The first three columns comprise what is called transport overhead, which in turn comprises section and line overhead. The line overhead deals with the line layer which is directed to the transport of Path layer payload. The first column contains path overhead leaving bytes available for payload.

It is within this payload that channels of telephonic information, comprising channels conforming to various digital signal standards, are contained. As seen in FIG. The fiber transmission system can also connect to a The terminal multiplexer TM 22 has a high speed port 28 operating at The low speed port 30 of the terminal multiplexer is interfaced with a DSX-1 electrical telephony standard operating at 1.

Each DS-1 interface can incorporate up to 24 DS-0 channels each operating at 64 kilobits per second. The low speed port 38 is similar in operation to the low speed port 30 associated with the terminal multiplexer.

The access module 40 provides conventional interfacing between DS-0 channels operating at 64 kilobits per second and DS-1 channels operating at 1. Although used with transmission system 10, it does not form a part of the system described herein since it does not interface with the high speed SONET channels.

As seen in FIGS. By each device using the same serial transport frame format for the exchange of information within modules comprising the respective device, a straightforward implementation for transferring information between modules is achieved.

Further information concerning the serial transport frame format is present in a copending application assigned to the present assignee, entitled "Serial Transport Frame Format Method", inventors Raymond E. Tyrrell et al, which is hereby incorporated by reference.

The serial transport frame format comprises sixteen bits per channel of information. There are 32 channels per frame. For telephony information the first eight bits of each channel comprise data bits D0 through D7 while the remaining bits represent associated control information bits C0 through C7.

The associated control bits may represent any type of control information depending upon the nature of the associated channel data and the needs of the modules interconnected to a serial bus transferring information within this format.

This associated control information may comprise address information regarding the channel data, timing information regarding the channel data, data valid and interrupt bits V and I bits and parity information regarding the channel.

In all situations, the associated control bits represent information respecting the channel data or are "don't care" bits; i. Channel zero of each serial transport frame format represents synchronization data and associated control information. For the device implementations shown in FIGS.A1 o one for older childten.

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Runyon eng125 w1 a1

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