Sea write award 2011 dodge

Special winners[ edit ] Woody Allen has the most nominations in this category with 16, and the most awards with 3, though Paddy Chayefsky won the Best Adapted Screenplay in for his adaptation of his teleplay, Marty, and also won for Original Screenplay for The Hospital and Network. Woody Allen also holds the record as the oldest winner at age 76 for Midnight in Paris,

Sea write award 2011 dodge

Kotlik, AK Abstract We probed into environmental problems and issues that have caused damages to oceanic life, such as red tides, algal blooms and eutrophication something we never heard before that massively kills marine organisms.

We then focused this study on the impacts of eutrophication. Eutrophication is one of the main problems caused by an overuse of fertilizers and an excess of manure and sewage. These wastes enter the ecosystem and generally leach away from residential, business, and agricultural sites.

The first part of eutrophication is the hyper-acceleration of aquatic life growth. The second part is their death. In the process of decay, oxygen is used up causing hypoxia low oxygenand eventually anoxia depleted oxygen with toxic chemical byproducts.

Consequently, mass aquatic death results in mass loss of oxygen. This further causes loss of biodiversity and the formation of oceanic dead zones. A new image of NASA reveals the extent of the world's marine dead zones found to be doubling every decade.

At that time, dead zones had been identified worldwide. Dead zones are regions of the oceans where dissolved oxygen has fallen to such low levels that most marine species can die, the largest dead zone recorded is in the Gulf of Mexico, about 7, square miles or the size of New Jersey.

The consequences of eutrophication are red tides, algal bloom, water turbidity and death of dominant species. Our villages, Kotlik and Sheldon Point are apparently experiencing eutrophic conditions of the Yukon River draining down to the Bering Sea, which is our main source of subsistence.

Identified major causes are the system of waste disposal and the honey bucket lagoon. Introduction Over the last century mankind has transformed the sea from a clear-water ecosystem into a eutrophic nutrient-rich marine environment. Today it is highly contaminated with nutrients that cause eutrophication, algal blooms, red tides, dead zone and a range of related serious problems for the ecosystem and for the people living around and earning a living from it.

Eutrophication has been silently happening all over the world and it is a big environmental issue.

sea write award 2011 dodge

Algae blooms, seen in a July satellite image Figure 1have created the world's largest dead zones in the Baltic Sea. Here are some fcts that marine scientists recorded as evidences of this global problem: Ina single hypoxic event in the New York Bight that covered about km2 caused mass mortality of demersal fishes and benthos and blocked the northward migration of bluefish Milstein, Many other systems experience episodic hypoxia such as in the northern Adriatic, Pomeranian Bay, and the German Bight.

Low annual production and no benthic fauna due to hypoxia are realities of the Baltic Sea. Karlson, Fact 4: In the northern Gulf of Mexico, the occurrence and extent of the severe hypoxia are tightly coupled with freshwater discharge from the Mississippi River, which delivers large quantities of nutrients from U.

During years with low river flow, the area of hypoxia shrinks to less than km2, only to increase to greater than 15, km2 when river flow is high. Rabalai, Fact 5: The Exxon Valdez oil spiII was one of the worst oil spills.

It occurred because it ran off the coast of Southern Alaska on March 24,and went into the 2of water and polluted at least 1, km of the coastline. It also killed over 34, seabirds, 10, otters, and 16 whales. Chemical detergents were one method of removing the oil.

It was used in the past, but it is a problem because it doesn't remove the oil. It just releases chemicals into the sea. The detergents contain toxic ingredient that can kill and be very dangerous to sea birds and marine life, especially fish.

Figure 2 Fact 6: Severe algal blooms can change the seawater to various colors, often called "red tides". The water can turn: Often red tides appear throughout southeastern Asia. Figure 3 What is eutrophication?

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