Securing aircraft solutions

Disk Enterprise Solutions, Inc. Our early focus was in imaging, document, and records management in support of office automation and knowledge management initiatives. To create and encourage a collaborative and rewarding experience for our customers, partners, and employees that allow us to design and develop state-of-the-art innovative solutions that integrate diverse technologies to deliver results.

Securing aircraft solutions

Talent acquisition solutions that create strategic advantage PDS Tech offers talent acquisition solutions in the aerospace, defense, machinery, communications, energy, technology and service industries.

Our flexible business model allows us to provide not only solutions for contract and direct opportunities, but also offload engineering design services, SOW projects, and more. We also have one of the best records for contractor longevity among staffing agencies. That translates into more stable workforces, smoother operations, and better results for our customers.

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PDS Tech is the best recruiting firm that I have worked with over the past three years. Their recruiter, Mindy, is fantastic! The on-boarding process is flawless and PDS is with you throughout your employment at the client site.

If you are looking for a recruiting firm that is easy to work with and works hard to find a job for you, then PDS is who you will want to work with.

PDS is the go-to company that consistently fills job positions with the aircraft industry's best talent. For seven years, I've relied on PDS to connect me to meaningful and always challenging technical work. Thanks to my Recruiter and her colleagues, the PDS team represents a collective pool of skills that continues to grow through those challenges.

Of the many different contract houses I've used, PDS has proven to be on top, both with service and professionalism.

Aircraft Structures Mechanic — St. Augustine, FL Customers tell us PDS is a pleasure to work with.

Securing aircraft solutions

The last several years their performance has continued to improve to what I must call exceptional. Their staff management, attention to detail and customer needs, as well as ensuring both sides are protected from labor issues such as co-employment has been excellent. Their willingness to work with us the customer as a team member, separates and elevates them from other agencies.

Because of the complicated details of these assignment requirements, it was a delicate operation to manage. There were unique challenges that were met with one thing in mind — a professional attitude. The PDS team demonstrated excellent customer service and successfully accomplished the goal on time.

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PDS Tech has always worked hard to meet the needs that I put forth. PDS was my largest supplier of electrical and mechanical designers to my program.Information Technology & Security. Optimizing organizational performance by managing and securing networks, systems, and applications.

Ansible delivers cutting edge networking, information assurance and security, help . About Us. Disk Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (DESI) is a Small Business Information Technology firm founded in St. Mary’s County Maryland in PDS Tech offers talent acquisition solutions in the aerospace, defense, machinery, communications, energy, technology and service industries.

We’re focused on developing deep relationships with our customers to deliver creative and comprehensive solutions that .

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